As the Christmas season is now in full celebration across the globe (With our brothers and sisters on the Julian calendar celebrating on January 7th), we take a look at this year's celebration in Afghanistan including the visit of a very special guest.AlbertsonMissionariesFather (COL) Eric Albertson, CENTCOM Chaplain meets with two of our Kabul Missionaries of Charity nuns during one of the Roundtable's weekly packing of donations into their vehicle. Father Eric came to visit the Roundtable for a week and a half in Mid-December while our pastor and brother knight, Father Tomas, was on R and R.

2017BroglioVisitMost Rev. Timothy Brolio, Archbishop for the Military Services, USA meets with members of the St. Martin de Tours KofC Roundtable following the celebration of Mass for the 4th Week of Advent.












As we say farewell (and welcome home) to our St. Martin de Tours Roundtable Chairman - SK Christian Klinefelter, we welcome SK Todd Libby as our new Roundtable Chairman in Kabul.

Msgr. Giovani Scalese has also provided his quarterly newsletter which may be found here.