“Fraternal relations between people, and cooperation in building a more just society – these are not an idealistic dream, but the fruit of a concerted effort on the part of all, in service of the common good.” – Pope Francis

As financial secretary, I have been selected by your council and appointed by the Supreme Knight to:

1. Maintain organization
2. Keep council and member records current
3. Process dues assessments, ensure that all members are current with their dues, and send membership cards in a timely manner
4. Form good relationships with members in the council, the state council and the Supreme Council
5. Promote our Order’s top-rated insurance program
6. Keep an accurate accounting of money flow for the council
7. Have a working knowledge of the Laws of the Order and the by-laws of the council and assist members in adhering to those laws
8. Assist with the Admission Degree

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Your Financial Secretary

 IG Abbott

Patrick Abbott
Financial Secretary
Patrick Cardinal O'Boyle Council 11302
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.