Charter Members of the Patrick Cardinal O'Boyle Council #11302

On April 1, 1994, 33 men came together to found the Patrick Cardinal O'Boyle Council #11302 of the Knights of Columbus at St. Dominic's parish in Washington, DC. The names of those men can be found below:

Rev. Peter M. Batts, OP
Rev. John M. Diggins, OP
Rev. John A. McMahon, OP †
Bro. Timothy F. Bellamah, OP (Rev.)
Bro. Fabian Butler, OP †
Bro. Minh-Tien Dinh', OP (Rev. Anthony)
Bro. Michael F. Holly, OMI †
Bro. Peter A. Judd, OP (Rev.)
Bro. James J. Lenaghan, OP (Rev.)
Bro. Kevin A. McGrath, OP (Rev.)
Bro. David Richardson, OSC
Bro. James M. Sullivan, OP (Rev.)
Mark E. Blazy
Richard P. Branson †
Andrei Brezianu
Francis D. Chesley, Sr.
Dan Collins
Robert M. Donihi
Peter A. Gabauer
Charles H. Gallina
Peter D. Gervais
Peter Glickert †
Donn S. Grover
Melvin A. Judah
John B. LaPlante
Anthony T. Maher
Paul Mazzuca, Jr. †
Thomas J. McNabb, Jr.
Frank P. Mosca †
Howard H. Owens
James T. Toomey †
Joseph F. West †
Edward Willoby