Chartered on April 1, 1994, the Patrick Cardinal O'Boyle Council #11302 of the Knights of Columbus was founded to serve the four parishes encompassing what is now known as St. Peter School. Instituted at St. Dominic Parish in the Southwest quadrant of the District of Columbia, the council also takes in the Capitol Hill parishes of St. Joseph and St. Peter as well as St. Vincent de Paul in the shadow of Nationals Park.
Named after the 2nd Archbishop of Washington, His Eminence Patrick Aloysius Cardinal O'Boyle, the O'Boyle Council continues to carry on his legacy of racial integration bringing together men of all races and parishes of Irish, German, Italian, and African-American traditions.
Since its founding, the O'Boyle Council has won the 'Star Council Award', the highest award a Knights of Columbus Council can receive, by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus in every year of its existence.
Today you will find the Knights of the O'Boyle Council continuing the long and storied legacy of service on Capitol Hill and the surrounding community with work supporting the unborn, the elderly, the poor, the mentally and physically disabled, children, students, our priests, religious and our parishes.