2017 02 12 18.32.22Recently, members of the Roundtable, including two of our newest Knights - John Harding and Patrick Flanagan, visited the Italian Embassy for a farewell Mass and party for the last two Sisters of the Poor to serve in Kabul.

They entered holy service in Aix-en-Provence France (Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres) and Sister Mariam arrived in Kabul for the first time 45 years ago, serving over 37 years here, while Sister Katerina has served here for 32 years!

2017 02 12 19.10.49Their order was the first order to establish a presence with the Italian Embassy Chapel in 1955, and they have served here non-stop since then, even as the only Catholic presence during the entire civil war and Taliban occupation. Two of their sisters departed a couple weeks ago, and Mariam and Katerina will the last to depart.