Grand Knight Jack Heretik expressed a dream in the basement of St Vincent de Paul in May 2017.  He envisioned the council obtaining an ultrasound for Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center via the Ultrasound Initiative.  The Ultrasound Initiative is a program by Supreme in which the council only would have to raise half the funds as Supreme would cover the other half.  

Success was not guaranteed, though.  Some were fearful that O'Boyle Council could not do the project or it would take years to get done.  However, thanks to the warm approval of the State Deputy, Amado Alverez, and endorsement from the Archdiocese, the council was able to begin fundraising in October 2017.  Ninety days later we achieved 100% of our fundraising goal.  The paperwork was submitted and the $28,500 4D ultrasound was purchased and delivered.  In June 2018 the ultrasound was dedicated and it is now saving lives.

O'Boyle's ultrasound was obtained because of the support of other councils, the State Charity Fund, and the hard fundraising efforts of O'Boyle Council.  It showed what great things can be done if we all work together in unity.

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