Dear Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and all others who spoke up for religious freedom,

   Thank you for standing up for religious liberty in your recent opinion piece “Elected Leaders Who Weaponize Religion Are Playing a Dangerous Game,” Congresswoman Gabbard.  Your letter joins a large segment of politicians who have voiced their support of freedom of religion.  Religious liberty is a key pillar of this diverse country and we in the Capitol Hill-area Cardinal Patrick O’Boyle Council 11302 are thankful for these defenses of this right.

    While we know you enjoy the warm waters of Hawaii, congresswoman, you as well as anyone else who is interested in or even concerned about the Knights of Columbus are more than welcome to join our council for the DC Polar Plunge Special Olympics event on February 2nd or any other charity event we conduct.  It is by getting to know one another that we will be able to appreciate and respect one another more.

    Thank you again for your opinion piece, congresswoman, and thank you to all others who have spoken up.  Your words and actions show that religious freedom is valued by members of both political parties.  The O’Boyle Council will proudly continue to practice this right and lovingly advocate for the complete Gospel. 


   Cardinal Patrick O’Boyle Council 11302 of Washington DC

   Capitol Hill, Southwest Waterfront, and Navy Yard of Washington, DC