Brother Knights and Good Friends of O’Boyle Council,

   O’Boyle Council had a tremendous year in 2018. We contributed over $10,000 to charitable efforts, our most generous amount to date.  Our most special gift was an ultrasound machine we purchased for Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center.  There were doubts that we could raise the necessary amount of money in a short period of time.  Through unity and generosity, we raised enough funds in only 90 days.  Additionally, the Council increased fraternal gatherings – social outings returned, First Fridays offer group prayer, and we provide meals at council meetings.
We do not plan to rest in 2019.  We plan to accomplish even more, and we require your help.  We plan to Make Knights Even Funner and to increase charity.

   Make Knights Even Funner (#MKEF): Being a Knight involves more than just volunteer opportunities.  It is about building friendships with a wide range of Catholic men.  We have planned meals at meetings, socializing after degree ceremonies, parties and movies with other Catholic fraternal groups, potlucks, a bowling night in January, and more.  But events are no fun without you.  We want you to attend events, even if you cannot volunteer at other times.  Families and friends are welcome at all non-business meetings and non-degrees.  Come join us, suggest new ideas, and help us #MKEF!

   Increased Charity: Your dues go a long way.  Last year, our Council contributed over $10,000 to charities and our four parishes.  That was 75% of our spending.  We spent 7% on food and supplies for the council, 5% for the Financial Secretary, and 13% on various per capita taxes.  By budgeting council administration costs (i.e., first degree supplies and minimizing other spending), and our new Financial Secretary waving his fees and reimbursements, our goal is to have 80% of our expenditures be to charity.  Your dues are our primary source of fundraising. Please pay your dues and consider contributing to additional projects.  Your generous contributions will not be spent on the officers, but on the poor and our parishes.

   You can pay your dues online by following the PayPal link on our website ($31.20) or send a $30 check to the address below. Also, please fill out the Annual Fraternal Survey also on our page.

   Our Council’s performance in 2019 can surpass that of 2018 with good deeds and friendship.  Let us do it together. If you live outside of DC, please pay your dues and pray for us.  You can also contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we can help you transfer into a new council.

   Vivat Jesus!

Grand Knight Jack Heretik
Deputy Grand Knight Patrick Roehm
Financial Secretary Patrick Abbott